Alexander Sorokin
Senior Researcher of School for Environmental and Social Studies (Anthroposchool)
Work experience
2009-2011: Tomsk State University of Control systems and Radioelectronics. Position: assistant lecturer Responsibilities: preparing and running seminars and workshops in Russian history;

2009 - 2019: Tomsk State University. Position: Senior Research Fellow, deputy dean of faculty for historical and political sciences;

2012 - 2018 Tomsk Polytechnic University Position: Associate professor;

2018 – August 2021 University of Tyumen Position: Head of department of Russian history;

2021 - nowdays University of Tyumen Position: Director of School for Environmental and Social Studies (Anthroposchool).

2009 – Specialist, Tomsk State University
2018 – Master in HR, Tomsk State University
2019 – professional development program “Development of the Tyumen Region in the National and Global Contexts”, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
2022 – professional development program “Anthropology”, Tomsk State University
2009-2012 – candidate (Dr.) in historical sciences, Tomsk State University (Faculty of history)
November 2010 – internship at Institute of history of natural sciences and technics named after S.I. Vavilov The Russian Academy of Sciences
July – October 2011 – internship at Novosibirsk state university (grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
April – August 2012 – internship at Kemerovo state university (grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
May – June 2016 – internship at UK universities (University of Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburg)
September 2017, July 2018 – internship at French universities and grande ecole (CERCEC, CNRS, SciencesPo, University of Rouen, Lyon, Toulous, Paris 13)
September 2018 – internship at German universities (University of Cologne, Bremen, Passau, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Expertise and interests
history of higher education;
anthropology and sociology of education, science and technology;
ecological history of science
Старший научный сотрудник
SPIN-код: 3044-1111, AuthorID: 659462, ORCID 0000-0001-9219-2115