Alexander Sorokin
Director of School for Environmental and Social Studies (Anthroposchool), University of Tyumen Leading research fellow, laboratory of interdisciplinary space studies, University of Tyumen Dr. in History (candidate of historical sciences)
Work experience
2009-2011: Tomsk State University of Control systems and Radioelectronics. Position: assistant lecturer Responsibilities: preparing and running seminars and workshops in Russian history;

2009 - 2019: Tomsk State University. Position: Senior Research Fellow, deputy dean of faculty for historical and political sciences;

2012 - 2018 Tomsk Polytechnic University Position: Associate professor;

2018 – August 2021 University of Tyumen Position: Head of department of Russian history;

2021 - nowdays University of Tyumen Position: Director of School for Environmental and Social Studies (Anthroposchool).

2009 – Specialist, Tomsk State University
2018 – Master in HR, Tomsk State University
2019 – professional development program “Development of the Tyumen Region in the National and Global Contexts”, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
2022 – professional development program “Anthropology”, Tomsk State University
2009-2012 – candidate (Dr.) in historical sciences, Tomsk State University (Faculty of history)
November 2010 – internship at Institute of history of natural sciences and technics named after S.I. Vavilov The Russian Academy of Sciences
July – October 2011 – internship at Novosibirsk state university (grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
April – August 2012 – internship at Kemerovo state university (grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
May – June 2016 – internship at UK universities (University of Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburg)
September 2017, July 2018 – internship at French universities and grande ecole (CERCEC, CNRS, SciencesPo, University of Rouen, Lyon, Toulous, Paris 13)
September 2018 – internship at German universities (University of Cologne, Bremen, Passau, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Expertise and interests
history of higher education;
anthropology and sociology of education, science and technology;
ecological history of science
Старший научный сотрудник