Stanislav Mazhinskiy
Associate Professor PhD in History
Work experience
Higher Doctorate Degree Research, 2017 – present
Siberian Federal University
Major: Ethnopsychology, national character, Chinese national character, inter-minority relations, international relations
Review the development of national character concept in the Western countries, China and Russia (in process now)
Creating model of national character evaluation (planned)
Implement the model on Chinese national character. (planned)

PhD Degree Research, 2011-2015
Major: History of China, minority policy of China
Modernization of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and its influence on traditional mongolian society
Relations between political center and small minority periphery from 1949 to 1976
National minority policy of China

PhD, Tomsk State University, 2014
Faculty: Faculty of History
Concentration: Chinese minority policy, Chinese history, inter minority relations
Dissertation: Social-Economic and Political development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region during modernization of China (1911-1976)

Expertise and interests
China, History of China, National Character, Chinese National Character,
Ethnopsychology, Chinese Culture
SPIN-код: 3916-2747, AuthorID: 742920 ORCID 0000-0002-3398-8559