Sofia Shcherbich

Specialist, Tyumen State University, Faculty of History, Russian history, 1997
Work experience
PhD Degree Research, 1997- present
Major: History of Russia
- social composition and dynamics of the number of monastics
- monastic life
- charitable activities of monasteries
- the place of monasteries in the system of punishment of secular and clergy persons
- the level of literacy and education of monasticism
- book collections of monastic libraries
- monasteries and schools
- monastic material culture

PhD, Tyumen State University, 2001
Institute: Institute of History and Political Sciences
The history of the monasteries of the Tobolsk diocese in the second half of the 18th - early 20th centuries Experience of sociocultural research
Expertise and interests
social history, ecclesiastical history, paleography
SPIN-код: 8236-3876, AuthorID: 485972